Missouri State to introduce My.MissouriState.edu service

Mar 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Campus News, News

Nathanael Edward Bassett


Starting April 1, all students will have access to http://my.missouristate.edu, a web service that is set to replace the My Information system on the school’s website. Students involved in work study jobs have already been using this system to log time entry during the spring semester. When the release is made to the rest of campus, all students will use my.missouristate.edu to register for fall classes, check on their financial aid status, and access other school related functions (news, announcements, campus resources, etc).

Some may ask the question, what’s wrong with the way things are right now? My Information seems to work fine. Well, My Missouri State is a portal system that allows students to access the “Banner” system which will log and keep track of class schedules, catalogs and student registration from Fall 09 and on. It’s going to be customizable (to a degree), and the staff and faculty plan to add new features and content by the fall semester.

The My Missouri State portal and Banner registration process is currently in development, and the Office of Web and New Media is planning on releasing informational videos to help students understand the transition from the existing system, and what features will be availible April 1st.

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  1. I work for Web & New Media.

    My first project with them for this semester was to re-skin the portal and do a layout to surround Banner.

    Banner is a multi-million dollar platform that we purchased to give us a consolidated platform to handle all of our needs. Right now Web & New Media creates web forms and other applications that power MSU’s website infrastructure.

    This is good and bad. The good thing is that it’s customizable and we have access to all of the source code to it. The down side is that it’s not stream-lined and it’s difficult to make even small changes to it once the form is setup.

    Enter Banner.

    Banner is used by large corporations and universities around the world and as such is very well developed. All of the information is in the same general location, and has been developed on for years to do exactly what we need.

    While My Information works fine, it’s not good for the continued growth of the university. MMS is very much needed. People need to give it time and get used to the change. It may seem less than ideal to you, but for the other side of the fence, it makes perfect sense.

  2. Thanks for the informative and clarifying reply. I didn’t to say anything negative about it; I just think students are going to be curious about the change and some would want to know the reasons behind it (which you’ve very nicely provided for us).

    I can see My Missouri State being a much more useful interface for students in the future, and there’s defiantly lots of potential there.

    Also, I don’t know if we’ve met – I also work in Web & New Media, and I have to write scripts for the informative video. On that note, any more info you can give me that you think students should know would be great!