Dr. Phil shows teens how to pass out on roller coasters

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Zach Becker


I was watching Dr. Phil today (nothing else was on) and the topic for the episode was “Risky Teen Behaviors.” Specifically, they talked about teen “sexting” and the pass-out game.

One parent contacted Dr. Phil and was worried that their teen was starting a new trend. Apparently, it is possible to make yourself pass out while on a roller coaster to get high. The parent didn’t know what to do and thought the teen might be convincing others to do the same thing. They even had a doctor explain how this works.

Only you can prevent dangerous teen behaviors!

Only you can prevent dangerous teen behaviors!

Well, um, I think the mother (and Dr. Phil) probably just passed out (pun intended) this new game for a large new audience of teen thrill seekers. I just love how on these shows they like to pretend that they are doing a service when they are either just (A) making parents worry unnecessarily when their teen enjoys an amusement park or (B) spreading the idea out to other teens who may watch this episode.

The show tries to highlight how stupid the teens are (“My mom just doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” said the teen, who obviously has already gone loopy after a few too many trips on the coaster), but how stupid are the parents they get for these shows?

Every time the teen went to the amusement park, he would ride the coaster 10 to 15 to make himself pass over and over and get high. He promised to stop, but keeps doing it. The mother’s question to Dr. Phil, “Should I let him continue to go to the amusement park?” Hmmm…. well let’s see here. Your teen is risking brain damage and perhaps death. This is a hard one. Only Dr. Phil is qualified to answer that question.

Another parent’s 14-year-old daughter was sending nude text messages of herself to boys. What should she do to punish the daughter? How about take away the cell phone? Duh. Again, only Dr. Phil was qualified to answer that one.

At least the teens have a built-in reason for being so stupid. What excuse do these horrible parents have?

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  1. Um. Do you even have a kid? It’s real easy to criticize other parents for being stupid when you don’t have to deal with anything like that. My 15-year old was recently pulled over driving a car without a license while I was at work. Amazingly, and generously, the cop decided to let her parents decide her punishment rather than give her a ticket. Of course I’ve taken away and hidden the keys to any and all cars plus her learner’s permit and grounded her and all kinds of other punishments. Bit like shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped. And I still have to commute a fair distance to work; it’s a financial necessity. But my point is that whatever you think of Dr. Phil, being the parent of a teenager is, without a doubt, the hardest job in the world. Kids are stupid in the smartest and sneakiest ways while you’re busy earning money to keep a roof over their heads. Don’t condemn other parents when they find it hard too.