Students should not pass sustainability fee

Mar 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Editorials

A recent attempt by the Student Government Association to send a proposed sustainability fee to a student vote failed.

The reason.

Insufficient attendance by senators at the meeting to pass the vote.

While the SGA attendance issue is somewhat troubling, more troubling is the fact that any student senators would be in favor of increasing student fees.

Sure, $2 a semester per student doesn’t sound like much, but students are already being asked to carry a huge burden between current tuition and student fees. Most students leave college with thousands of dollars in debt.

Increasing student fees is not an idea that should be thrown around lightly in SGA, especially for a project rife with good intentions but less so with concrete steps and measurable objectives.

Sustainability is a noble idea, but it doesn’t require student fees to fund it. The best ways to promote sustainability involve simply increasing awareness. Turn off the lights when not in a room. Recycle aluminum cans and paper products. Carpool to work and school.

Students should be appalled that SGA senators would even consider increasing fees in this economic environment, especially as the university administration is working to keep tuition flat even as costs and enrollment continue to rise.

If this sustainability measure is brought back up before a full senate, it should be voted down.

If it passes through SGA and goes to a student vote, then students need to stand up and make it clear that they oppose any increase in the economic burden we all face.

Student fee increases will not be tolerated.

-Zach Becker

For the Editorial Board

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