Students stage ‘Empty Holster’ protest of campus concealed carry ban

Apr 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Campus News, News

Zach Becker


The message on the signs are clear. Firearms are not allowed on the Missouri State campus, concealed or otherwise.

But will those signs stop a maniacal gunman?

Not according to MSU non-traditional student Andrew Simpson, who believes tragedies like the shooting at Virginia Tech could have been averted had law-abiding students been allowed to carry licensed concealed weapons on campus.

Students are protesting concealed carry bans on campus by wearing an empty holster.

Students are protesting concealed carry bans on campus by wearing an empty holster.

All this week, Simpson and thousands of other students at MSU and around the nation will be protesting bans on concealed weapons on college campuses. But they won’t be carrying signs or shouting on megaphones. Instead, the message will be conveyed simply by wearing an empty holster.

“The empty holsters show that there really is not a whole lot of protection between you and (the assailant),” Simpson said. “Give us equality on campus. If bad guys can have (guns), why not us?”

A determined maniac willing to die in the process of killing others could obtain weapons, including automatic rifles, illegally through black market channels fairly easily, according to Simpson, which is why it is so important that students be allowed to carry concealed weapons to defend themselves. The mere threat of return fire may be enough to scare some assailants away.

According to Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, 11 schools around the country allow concealed carry on campus, and none have reported incidents of gun violence in the several years since it has been allowed.

“Virginia Tech was a disaster,” Simpson said. “We need to do something creative and new (to prevent future disasters).”

Students who wish to know more information about this cause can contact Nelson at (417) 551-1210. He is encouraging other students to participate in the protest by simply wearing an empty holster. Information from Students for Concealed Carry on Campus can be found at

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