Why these movies rule (or don’t rule)

Mar 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Movie Reviews

Jessica Lynn Green and Jay Yerxa


Jumper (2008)

Adventure movie about a guy who can teleport. I found this movie intriguing because it was edgy and brought back that old feeling that there might be a good Hollywood remaining, after all. This movie is pretty satisfying to watch.


Labyrinth (1986)

Fantasy movie starring David Bowie and David Bowie’s package. A girl seeks her baby brother in a magical kingdom of goblins after selfishly wishing him away. Delivering classic fantasy content as only the 80s could.


Death Becomes Her (1992)

In life after their deaths, this dark comedy involves two narcissistic women at odds finding common ground regarding a mutual love interest and how to beat the decay of youth. Very entertaining for those who enjoy good irony.


High School Musical 3 (2008)

I have not actually seen this movie but I am pretty sure that it may be one of the worst musicals of all time.


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