Singles can still enjoy Valentine’s Day

Mar 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Commentary

Victoria Branch

Staff Artist

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.

For the many cynics, the worst day of the year—the day when they are constantly reminded of their “singleness.”

Everyone’s in love, everyone’s happy, everybody’s sending or receiving flowers and running around happy-go-lucky.

The way I see it, you can take Valentine’s Day several ways.

Hate it, tolerate it, or try to get through it. But there’s another option: Enjoy it.

Pink, red, and white everywhere you look. Love songs playing on the radio, cards displayed in the halls, mushy talk on the phone, it’s all practically a drug.

There is something about love, whether I’m in it or not, that is infectious. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a shit show. It’s all on how you perceive it.

Who says that it has to be all about romantic love?

Take the time to make a Valentine for your grandma, or call up a friend and tell them how much you love them. Or for that matter, lavish on yourself for a day… love yourself.

Buy a cute shirt, take yourself and a friend out to dinner or have a bro fest (just to remind guys that Valentine’s can be a manly day). This holiday doesn’t have to be such a downer.

In fact, the origins of the holiday root back to a Latin festival called Lupercal, in which all the bachelors would grab women’s names out of an urn and pair off for the day.

It also involved those men running around naked touching people with goat hide strips for fertility.

And hey, who says this tradition is dated?

Boys, if you’re feeling a little crazy this February 14, maybe you should run around touching people with goat hide strips. Of course, be prepared for some significant opposition… but it sure would be a great story, right?

So whether you’re celebrating with a loved one, by yourself or a big group of friends, know that Valentine’s Day is for love, not just people that are married or dating. Throw on some “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” or Nat King Cole and learn to love love.

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