Tiller murder unjust, whether you agreed with his actions or not

Jun 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Blogs, Opinions

by Mike Courson

Late-term abortionist George Tiller was killed in a Wichita, Kans., church Sunday morning.

While it should be upsetting when a doctor is killed in church, undoubtedly many otherwise decent people will be pleased by his death.

I am upset for a few reasons. Obviously, a man was killed. Though I do not attend church, or maybe because I do not, I try to care about all people. To kill a man in front of his family, in a church, is just plain cowardly.

This leads me to an even bigger grief. Many will support the killer’s actions.

This act will kick up another round of discussion on the abortion issue, which was already in the news because of the Supreme Court’s new nominee. However, this act forces us to pick sides stretched further apart than usual. Whereas a reasonable person may claim to be pro-life, now he/she may defend a murderer. That forces the other side that much further to the left.

I was raised pro-life, but have learned a lot in my 27 years. I’ve learned that not everything is black and white. Life probably does not begin at conception. Viability is a better standard of life, and that takes place around 24 weeks. Even then, abortions can be performed under certain circumstances. That’s where Tiller came in. He was one of the most notorious abortionists because he touted his expertise on late-term abortions.

Agree with it or not, Tiller believed he was providing a service to women. He did so at great risk to his own life. His clinic had previously been burned to the ground, and he’d been shot in both arms in another incident. In other words, Tiller put himself in the line of fire to provide care and service to women no one else would help (unless they call one of the helplines popular in right-wing areas that provide misinformation to already confused future mothers).

So let the hate begin. The right wing will bring its brand of hypocrisy and illogical nonsense. The left wing, well, is not known for its hate speech. We will be stuck, surrounded by people we once respected but can no longer respect because their true colors have shown.

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  1. I completely agree with this article and what it has to say. There is no cause worthy of killing. Tiller’s job wasn’t one of death, it was of service. To hate HIM instead of his practice is just wrong. I am not a supporter of either sides of abortion politics, but I will say that I have been upset by the shocking news this morning of a DOCTOR killed in a CHURCH. Not one person has a right to be celebrating a death, doctor or “killer”. And anyone who doesn’t agree with this comment should keep in mind that MARTYRISM does exist. I will never take sides with anti-abortionists or abortionists, but I will side with the grieving over the killing…

  2. “So let the hate begin. The right wing will bring its brand of hypocrisy and illogical nonsense. The left wing, well, is not known for its hate speech.”

    So you casually characterize millions of people as hypocrites and illogical, including some of the kindest souls I have ever known, simply because of their political views? It would seem you understand hate speech better than you give yourself credit.

    There are many reasonable, thoughtful people with varying opinions on when the moral right to life begins. Characterizing those who disagree as ignorant or immoral zealots hardly facilitates real discourse.