Chivalry still exists at MSU

Mar 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Commentary

Victoria Branch
Staff Artist

What is it with guys at Missouri State?

Now, before you boys bristle up and start claiming that you haven’t done anything wrong, hold on a second.

This is one girl who thinks you’re doing something… right.

I didn’t notice it at first, most likely because I was scurrying around trying to find my correct classes and looking like I fit in with all the determined sweatpants-wearing students around me.

But eventually I started to notice the little things.

The guy holding the door open for a second if I was behind him, the casual glance behind to make sure I got in without being slammed in the face by a glass door, the “excuse me” if he accidentally brushed my shoulder with his backpack.

What is it about this school that has preserved chivalry in men?

When I go home to Kansas City, it’s different.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a big city, or that there are more people around, or any other number of reasons, but the fact still stands that I am not treated as well there as I am in Springfield by strangers.

I am sure there are girls reading this article right now scoffing at my words, saying that Missouri State University is full of jerks that don’t treat girls right and don’t care about women’s feelings, etc.

I’m sure that’s true about some people, but as a whole I have come to realize that the courtly love and respect preached in Arthurian novels still exists.

In fact, it exists right in front of us.

So to that guy in the black pea coat who waited a good minute for me to walk to the door so he could open it for me at Brick City, thank you.

To the three boys who rushed to my side in the library when I dropped a few books, thanks.
To the gentlemen who continue to say “sorry” and “excuse me”, to the ones who have remembered their manners, this is for you.

Know there at least a few girls on this campus that appreciate what you do.

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