Americans mostly oblivious to upcoming World Cup

Nov 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Sports, Sports Commentary

by Adam Hammons

Well, it’s almost 2010 now, and you know what that means?

Yes, that’s right it’s just about to be another World Cup, and for those of you who don’t know, the World Cup is a world tournament where soccer teams battle to be the best in the world.

Besides the Olympics, and maybe the UN, it is the basically the only thing that unites all together for a single cause.

However, in America, no one really cares.

Yeah there’s a tight knit group, almost like a cult following, of people who love soccer and who try to watch Europeans play.

I say European soccer because, let’s be honest, MLS isn’t exactly up to par at the moment.

Why is that exactly? Because of thousands upon thousands of people in America who frown upon soccer, and that is because… well I don’t know.

I hear things like, “It’s a sissy’s game,” “It’s stupid, “It’s boring.” I’m sorry to say, but America’s game, even though exciting at times, can be one of most boring experiences to watch on television ever.

For many, soccer in America is a sport where you play until you hit middle school and then you turn to football or hit third grade and turn to Mighty Mights.

It’s ridiculous. Did you know team USA won our region and has a decent shot of going far this year in the Cup? Did you know that our goalie is one of the best goalies in the world?

We have a good team, but without support, our own league, the MLS, will not be able to support another quality national team.

Did you also know that our own Missouri State team is ranked 20th in the nation and is beating teams the likes of Creighton, Drake, and SMU?

They’re on their way to having a championship year, and most people don’t even care, all the while money is spent out the wazoo paying for scholarships for a losing football team.

What does it take for the American Society to accept American soccer and turn it into the sport that everyone else in the world seems to enjoy?

Hopefully, a World Cup championship in South Africa this summer.

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