RecyleMania goes campus-wide in 2010

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by Evan Pennington

RecycleMania is running wild on the Missouri State campus.

Students better say their prayers, take their vitamins, and separate their glass from plastics if Missouri State is to have any chance of taking home the coveted RecycleMania trophy, along with a year’s worth of bragging rights.

The contest, which ends Mar. 27, pits the recycling efforts of Missouri State against hundreds of other schools across the country. The event will measure both the trash output and recycling efforts of the universities. The “greenest” school wins.

This marks the sixth year Missouri State has participated in RecycleMania. Unlike year’s past, though, where only recycling efforts in the residence halls were counted, this time the entire campus is participating.

The event is intended to add the drive and commitment of competition to the sensibility and necessity of recycling.

Jennifer Cox, the Assistant Director of Residence Life and Services at MSU as well as the coordinator of RecycleMania, is very excited about the competition being taken all over the Missouri State campus this year.

Although the trophy and bragging rights it entails would be nice, this is not the most important focus of the competition in the long run, she said.

“This is not about bringing a large bag of recyclable material to school and depositing them in one of the bins,” Cox said. “It’s about changing smaller decisions that all of us make on a daily basis, such as recycling papers and aluminum cans instead of throwing them in the trash.”

All that is required to make a positive impact on sustainability and spur Missouri State along to victory in RecycleMania is placing certain items like soda cans, plastic cups and food containers and glass tea bottles in those familiar bins labeled “RECYCLE,” which are located in Meyer Library, the Plaster Student Union, and many other spots around the campus.

Cox hopes to show students both the ease of recycling and the impact it can make.

“Hopefully, habits of recycling will become a greater part of the students’ lives in the end,” she said.

What’cha gonna do when RecycleMania runs wild on you?

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