College education presents unique opportunity, exploit it

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A university is like a big playground.

You get the chance to play with all the toys and learn as much as you can, should you decide to seize the opportunity.

Or you can just spin on the merry-go-round until the recess bell rings, throwing you dizzily into the world without a sense of direction.

You see, that little piece of paper you get at graduation is only worth the effort you put into it.

Take “easy” classes to get an “easy” degree and you will just end up with a hollow piece of paper that is “easy” for employers to ignore.

Let’s face it; a four-year degree is pretty common nowadays. Sure, it may make you eligible for an interview, but it guarantees nothing.

Especially in a down economy, competition is fierce.

You’ll not only be competing against other recent graduates, but often against people who have a degree and twenty years of experience to accompany it.

What is going to set you apart?

Rote memorization is great when you need to pass tomorrow’s test, but not so good when you need to recall that information ten years down the line.

You may be a member of 15 different student organizations, but if you only showed up to one meeting each, what do you really have to show for it beyond a blip on a resume?




The more people you know, the more likely you are to know someone (or know someone who knows someone) at your desired place of employment.

Active involvement in student or volunteer groups is a great way to increase your social network and build your resume.

Most of all, learn to have your own thoughts. Critical thinking may not be an academic subject, but it is more vital than any other skill.

Observe your environment and be prepared to make your own judgments.




The recess bell will be ringing soon. The world awaits.

Are you ready for it?

Or will you be throwing up from all that time on the merry-go-round?

-Zach Becker

For the Editorial Board

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