Hateful, ignorant right-wingers spew talk radio’s untruths about healthcare reform

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by Mike Courson

The liberals have done it again. We’ve offended those poor, persecuted right-wingers. This time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the recent outbursts at health care-related town meetings “un-American.”

First of all, what a stupid thing to say. What, exactly, is un-American? Not all bad is un-American. The United States has a very seedy history. Slavery, oppression of women and minorities, all of the nonsense wars we’ve fought just to name a few. To call an interruption “un-American” is to put the blinders on and pretend that everything “American” is good. Sorry, lady. Wake up and smell the people you govern. We smell freshly of soap, but only because some third-world child slaves away in a sweatshop for pennies a day so we can have cheap clothes.

Then there is the reaction. Typical. Overdone. Just as each Christmas the right pretends they are being persecuted when someone uses “X-mas” or “Happy Holidays” instead of Christmas, the right now claims that Pelosi has crossed the line. Nevermind that the right-wing talking heads say the same thing, often times much worse, when the left makes a reasonable attack. A few years ago, O’Reilly called left-wing protestors Nazis. What they were doing paled in comparison to what is going on right now.

Therein lies the problem here. The right is not being reasonable. It is reasonable to ask questions to gather more information. It is unreasonable to disrupt a meeting just because you disagree. The right offers no proof of any harm from Obama’s proposed health care, just propaganda heard on right-wing radio and television. As per usual, the truth goes out the window with this group, and we are left with nothing more than a bunch of angry, hateful bottom-feeders who vote against their own interest because they eat every word out of talk-radio’s mouth. Who can argue against someone who pulls facts out of the air, gets angry when confronted, and always ends up yelling?

Congressman Henry Waxman was recently on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart made fun of our government, and instead of agreeing with Stewart and showing anger that such a joke could ever be made, Waxman offered some weak rebuttal. Another problem: Congressmen and women who either cannot see the problem or do not have the courage to be adamant about fixing it. Where is the outrage when these clowns invade these meetings or spew their nonsense? Fire a little anger back occasionally. Oh well, it’s not like our health care is on the line or anything.

Just tonight, I watched three guests on Lou Dobbs’ show discuss Pelosi’s comments. At the top, each agreed that her “un-American” comment was un-American in and of itself. Finally, what must have been the brightest in the bunch said he agreed with her comments. Dobbs stuttered a response as if he could not believe someone just admitted on record that he agreed with Pelosi. He asks the man if he really agrees. The man puts the comment back in context and says yes, the behavior very specifically defined by Pelosi is “un-American” and stupid. They went to commercial before Dobbs could say anything else, but it was clear he thought he nailed the guy. The only thing he did was make himself and anyone who agrees with him on this point look terribly sad and naïve.

I used to think “We the people” deserved a better government than the one we have elected. I have since come to disagree with my earlier thinking. A people who cannot separate fact from lousy, emotion-driven fiction does not deserve a working health care system. A people who vote for the same money-hungry politicians who lie to them every chance they get does not deserve a government that works for them.

A few years back, I saw George Carlin on CNN, and realized his dark-humor was not just an act. Carlin unabashedly dismissed all the things I held dear at the time, namely government and humanity. He made a living making humorous the corruption and hypocrisy associated with America and humans in general, but on CNN that day, he made it evident that he really believed those things. At the time, I wondered how anyone could be so cynical. Now I know. Hearing the rhetoric coming from the right since Obama’s election, and seeing so many people believe it has devastated my outlook on humanity.

A girl I recently tried to date said I took things too seriously. Too seriously? Oh honey. We can never be together. No reasonable person could ever take any of this seriously.

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  1. In 1959 Harry S. Truman said the House Un-American Activities Committee was the “most un-American thing in the country today.”

    Talk radio is right wing propaganda. At the same time, the current establishment/administration is operating with a certian amount of popular clout that allows them to steamroll any reasonable discourse. So what we’re seeing is the continuation of special, private corporate interests despite the insane accusations of “socialism” by the right and the platitudes of progress in the Government today.

  2. Those who want to be placated by Democrat lies ought to read the bill yourself:

    If your aren’t scared by the text of this bill, you must be illiterate. I loved section 163.

    Also, one of Obama’s big health care advisors is Rahm Emmanuel’s brother, and he has stated that he’s for strict rationing of health care, and according to his own published work, if you’re in your fifties, forget it, you’re not worth the money to keep you alive:

    The truth is there, just LOOK at it!

  3. Well! Mr. Courson certainly has is in for the right wing. Too bad his memory is so short! Seems like protesters in Seattle a few years back at the 1999 WTO conference engaged in a fair bit of mischief of their own. So you see that disruptive behavior is not only done by the right? Guess what dude: I’m a right-leaning independent who voted for President Obama, supports legalization of weed, supports development of Nuclear power, am aghast at Bush’s total disregard for civil liberties, own guns, am not disrupting meetings, and would like a lot more detail about the upcoming health reform. I’m not a birther (ridiculous garbage), not part of a militia, support a clean environment, have a strong dislike for corporate corruption of our government, and wish that elections were publicly funded. And guess what dear Mike: It will always be Christmas in my book, and you can take your whiny worldview and shove off. So let’s be a bit more careful when pigeon-holing people you don’t even know.