MSU Beer Club for connoisseurs only

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Mike Donnelly

Missouri State University has student organizations to suit every taste and interest. But what if you have a taste for, well…beer?

It may not be a university sponsored club (for various legal reasons) but the “Unofficial MSU Beer Club” is a place for beer enthusiasts to gather and share in the hops and good times.

“Beer club is all about beer advocates,” said club president Kyle Snow. “I pretty much consider myself a beer connoisseur. So anyone who likes to try different beer…we come here and every week  try one new beer.”

Snow says that the club remains rather exclusive, and, in many ways is more about the social aspect more than the beer. From left to right, Beer Club members Chris Kuhn, Justin White, Meagan Marsh (friend of the Beer Club), Johnathan “Durr” Stern and Kyle “Kimmich” Snow enjoy beers.

“We try to keep it a little smaller and try to find people that we either know or people that I’m sure aren’t just coming just for the alcohol,” Snow said.

Most of the members have their own special nicknames, such as DJ, known as “Durr.” Snow always says that he wishes to be referred to as “Kimmich,” embracing his deep Irish lineage.

Of course, don’t underestimate the beer club by any means. They are serious about what they do.
Snow proudly pulled out his beer rating chart. “You write down the name of the beer, where it’s made, and then rate it on a scale of 1 to 10,” he said.

Listed on the chart are the names of several beers that the club had already taste tested, including Souza, Smithwicks, Sam Adams Irish Ale, and Mueller unfiltered wheat.

When asked about where he would like the “Unofficial MSU Beer Club” go in the near future, Snow says that he really wants to keep it simple and stick to the basics. “One thing I would like to see for the club, if I’m still here to see it, would be endorsement by the university as an official student organization, because I think what we do is pretty legit.”

Either way, it doesn’t look like the beer club will turn skunky anytime soon.

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