Five ways for MSU to ‘Go Green’

Sep 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Blogs, Opinions

#1 Yearly dorm room electricity quota

– Do you have any idea how much electricity is used to power the dorms for a single year? Well, we don’t know either, but we bet it is a like a whole lot. Tired of the incessant humming of your roommate’s Xbox360? One night of that will exceed the electrical quota and then you (and your roommate) will be enjoying quiet darkness. Who cares if you pay thousands to live there? Saving the environment trumps your Halo time. We can’t do anything about the smell, though.

#2 Eliminate restroom wastes

– If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown … buckets are available. Why waste good fertilizer?

#3 Etch-a-Sketch it

– Forget paper. Forget ink. Forget computers. The solution to all these problems lies with this simple childhood device. Take Etch-a-Sketch notes during class. Turn in literally flowing prose for English assignments. Doodle pictures of your professor without wasting paper. Just make sure to shake it clear before he walks by.

#4 Oxen Line Shuttle

– Replace the Bear Line with a truly green form of transportation. A team of oxen can pull a bus easily (and they can eat all that lovely grass grown using suggestion #2). Plus, oxen don’t leave a carbon footprint (well, unless you forget to watch your step when walking behind).

#5 New colors/mascot

– A truly ‘green’ campus must not only act the part, but look it as well. Say goodbye to those polluting maroon and white bears. Give a welcome rah-rah to the environmentally-friendly green and white Light Emitting Diodes. Go LED’s!!!!

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