Duggar children pollute the atmosphere, says ABC

Dec 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Blogs, Featured Articles, Opinions

by Zach Becker

The Duggars are destroying our planet! It’s time for the EPA to step in and put a stop to this unchecked procreation! Yes, according to an ABC.com “news” article, Michelle Duggar of the TLC program 18 Kids and Counting recently gave birth via emergency C-Section to her 19th child. While the usual concerns about having that many children were addressed, as environmentally responsible journalists, the authors also mentioned this major concern. duggar-family

Each child, he said, multiplies his mother’s carbon legacy by 5.7 percent, which means the Duggar children alone could be responsible for contributing more than a million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

“Big families have always been portrayed as something lovable and beautiful,” Weisman said. “Think of ‘The Waltons.’ But we do have an issue now, where it’s not just about home and family. It’s about the planet, and the planet hasn’t gotten any bigger. We only have one atmosphere.”

You saw it here. Beyond polluting our airwaves, all those Duggar children are also polluting our air. Women of the world; reduce your carbon legacy and use birth control instead. Your children will thank you for it. Actually, scratch that last sentence..

Author’s Note: This piece was written in a satirical tone. Judging by some of he comments to it, I am not sure I accomplished that task as well as I would have liked.

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  1. Your mother should have stopped before she had you. What an idiot.

  2. I wish I could have said it better but, I can’t. How cruel can a person get. The Duggers are a wonderful family with the highest of values.

  3. Seriously! What a wonderful family. The Duggars are responsible, respectful people raising responsible, respectful kids; that’s an incredible contribution to society, not a liability. What kind of people say things like that!!!

  4. The Duggars are horrible, terrible people and I don’t know if you wrote this as a joke or not but I agree with every word. They’re privileged ignorant selfish white trash who are running the wife’s baby factory at full steam cranking out little soldiers of Christ who can grow up to manage meth labs, get married at 18 and run for State representative of Nowheresville, AK

  5. These people make their way using second hand items. Buying used and saving the difference. This is a family who takes responsibility for their children. The aren’t in debt, they own their paid for home, they take no resources from the state or the school district, they provide education, manners, religion to all of their children. They help others in need, are polite and make me proud that they are American.You might think of them when you are buying your “new” clothes, using your credit cards to pay for things you can’t afford, dumping your children in public schools, while you drive off in a car…alone. Who makes the biggest negative impact on our world.

  6. Just two days after the mother delivers a micro-preemie baby, that has a very good chance of not living long, you decide to publish a satirical article. Because of the bad timing, I fail to see the humor in it. It just comes across as mean.

  7. I agree with Paul. It shows poor taste, timing and a lack of compassion.

  8. […] wrote an article on the Duggar family, stars of TLC’s 18 Kids and Counting, and felt I needed to follow up […]

  9. Anyone who says that the Duggars should be held out as model citizens who make them proud to be an American should ask themselves: Are people who believe that the earth was created 6000 years ago, whose religion requires that women have as many (white) babies as possible, and whose children will never go on to higher education, REALLY the people you want as role models?

    These are people who make 5-year-olds wear full-coverage bathing suits because they’re so obsessed with sex that apparently seeing a child’s bare chest or knees will cause them to…what? Rape each other? The daughters perm their hair because “that’s how Daddy likes it”, and the 8-year-olds say things like “If there’s a difference between science and the Bible, the Bible is always right.”

    I’m not making any of this up – it’s all right there on the TV show. Americans should be embarrassed by the Duggars, not proud of them.

  10. Thank you to ABC for raising this issue. I cannot agree more. I will not have children, in part, because irresponsible people such as the Duggars have so many. Our planet simply cannot sustain the growing population of increasingly greedy and resource-hungry humans. Having child after child without regard for the Common Good is, in itself, immoral in my opinion. I truly wish more people would realize this and stop selfishly having child after child for what I see as purely their own self interest.

  11. The Duggars are polluting the Earth by overpopulating the world. How selfish can you be? Each of these 17 children will then go on to purchase a house and create another large family. The Duggar family and other large, selfish families like them, are the cause of beautiful trees, parks and rainforests being torn down and terrible, disgusting buildings being built instead. These people have no respect for the Earth or their fellow humans. I could care less that they make their own clothing or buy second hand clothing. They’re just stealing hand me downs from less fortunate families who are genuinely poor, unlike them. I agree that they seem like a nice family who seems to respect each other, but they are seriously single handedly overpopulating the Earth. If they were really interested in being good people, they would adopt some children. Also, a woman’s body is not made to give birth to 19 children. I find this insulting to women around the world who would actually think that having 19 children is a proud achievement. She should get a job and raise her kids at the same time and then I’ll start to have some respect for her.

    This family is so selfish. Feel free to read this article: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/ask_the_answer_bitch/b142223_how_many_dollars_do_duggars_18-plus_draw.html

    If they were such wonderful people, why would they take this money from TLC instead of donating it back to a good cause, such as children in Africa, the earthquake problems in Haiti, or starving families in the USA. Oh wait, they need to feed their unnecessary 18 children. Of course you never hear how they donate any money to charities or anyone else. They’re terrible, fake people!

  12. Wow, do you people value human life so little? It must be difficult going through this amazing journey of life constantly condemning yourself for “contributing to the carbon dioxide” of the world. That’s what you’re saying right? Maybe we should just remove the human race from the earth all together. Silly people…