ABC should be ‘Lambert’asted for finale of American Music Awards

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by Zach BeckerAdam_Lambert,_2009

I saw the performance “all of America will be talking about tomorrow” for the finale of the 2009 American Music Awards, and I think America will be talking about boycotting ABC advertisers because of the offensive and tasteless crotch-fondling (and faux-blow jobbing) performance of Adam Lambert. Somehow, I doubt that is the response they were looking for.

It is amazing how clueless some TV executives can be (and this was from Disney-owned ABC). Did they really think America wants to see a musical enactment of gay bondage? Out of all the classy performers featured during the evening, they decided to end it with Adam Lambert (who I had never heard of before, and frankly never hope to hear from again)? How about Whitney Houston? Or Green Day? Even Lady Gaga seemed classy in comparison to Lambert, and she performed in a light-up Halloween costume vest and athletic tape.

I was in total disgust throughout the performance, and I was happy to see the Los Angeles audience was just as horrified. A few people clapped, but it was very quiet for such a huge audience that had been so enthusiastic through the night.

Shame on you, ABC. That performance was a revoltingly disgusting choice. Here’s hoping some sponsors pull their ads from your programs. You deserve a good lambasting for that one.

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  1. i am a huge adam lambert fan. he was absolutely amazing on american idol and possibly my favorite contestant ever. \i was really looking forward to see his performance tonight. he can really give a good show and amaze everyone around him. but this performance… just… i’m so disappointed in him. and so are a bunch of people i know who are also his fans.

    i won’t stop being his fan just because of this, but i’m disappointed.

  2. Lambert owes America an apology. He grabbed a female dancer by her privates, shoved a male dancer’s head into his crotch, whipped people, and “made out” with a male dancer… It looked like he was raping people. This is disgusting and mortifying. For me, it has nothing to do with the fact he is gay. I would have probably been more offended if it was a man shoving a woman’s face in his crotch. It was tasteless and he should be ashamed. It made Lambert look like an attention freak – like he has low self-esteem at the end of the day and this was his was of being the center of attention and buzz of American media. Adam Lambert – in the off chance you read this – your singing is great… leave the stage rape and gross gestures behind closed doors next time. American Music Association should make a public apology. And I hope Good Morning America cancels his performance later this week.

  3. first, wow to comment #1 from jz articulate! NOT…?”screw your balls”?? humm ..very interesting concept! Who’s really the f#$%.. moron here? Anyway..Adam Lambert’s performance was a total train wreck by all accounts, ouch, really bad on all levels, the vocals, the whole hot mess. I kinda felt sorry for him [for about a second] Weird way to end the show. I’m guessing the FCC will be fining ABC monday around 10A.

  4. He wanted to shock. Mission accomplished. He wants everyone to talk. Mission accomplished. Lighten up.

  5. “It looked like he was raping people. ”

    Have you heard the lyrics for For Your Entertainment?

  6. I thought he was great. A bit shocking, but that was the point, right? Why can America handle women using sex in their acts, but not men? That’s so narrow-minded. I agree with griffen z–lighten up.

  7. Please get over yourself. If you didn’t like it, you should have changed the channel. You have the remote control, the TV doesn’t own you.

  8. AMA’s are always about shock value. Remember when Madonna kissed Brittany? The AMA has never been a family-friendly show and Lambert’s section aired around 10 p.m., a bit past prime time and the time kiddos should have been watching the tube. I’m old enough to remember how outraged people were with Elvis’ pelvis moves and the Beatles looks, sounds, and movements. Like it or not, Adam is going to be huge. He has our attention…and as a straight middle-aged Republican mother of two I have to say I love him…and the performance tonight left me smiling. Go Adam!

  9. everyone needs to lighten up a little! his performance was risky, but in my opinion he accomplished everything he had hoped to accomplish. I guarentee his record sales are going to sky rocket because of that performance, and he deserves the success! he has an amazing voice, and people need to get over themselves and find better things to do than pick on someone who is 10 times more talented then they ever will be. He is an amazing artist, and i cant wait to see him perform again on TV (which he will). Oh and p.s ABC knew about his performace and aired it anyways, they knew what it was like and i’m sure they watched it during rehersal, if they dont care about airing it..why should anyone else.

  10. Zach: If you’ve never heard of Adam Lambert then you have no business writing about entertainment.

  11. That was so awful. Adam what in the hell were you thinking? I was going to go out and buy the album tomorrow….not so sure now. 🙁

  12. ADAM’s performance was no worse than some of the soaps that are on TV … watch them sometime … and they come on during the day. I’ll be a fan as long as ADAM continues to sing as beautifully as he does … videos mean nothing to me … only CD’s … and I’ll buy all of ADAM’s music because that is the reason I became a fan … for the MUSIC! I’ve been living too long to be shocked by anything anymore. BTW … didn’t the foul language the rappers used offend anyone? I mean an offense is an offense … or are we just ADAM bashing again? Was Shakira’s performance less offensive … oh, that’s right … that’s different. Double standard?

  13. Adam Lambert did what he wanted to do. Its 2009 people get a hold of yourself he just kissed a dude. It wasnt like he actually had sex with him. ABC is a network that has been around for a long time and if they didn’t want an openly gay performer closing the show then they should have pick George Strait. No one should apologize for anything it was an ok performance because you could tell he was nervous but he did better then most of the seasoned artiest up there. If you are a closed minded person then don’t watch you should have changed the channel. THis is America and he had the right to express himself, GO ADAM!

  14. Adam and ABC,
    No need to apologize. This country is freedom of expression. We all know it is a performance.
    A reflection of the society. And yes what you see tonight is what you get in real life too. No need to apologize.

  15. That was disgusting. I was not only a huge lambert, idol, abc fan. However after seeing gay bondage, domination, rape, sex, horror and pretty much filth that came off the stage called for your entertainment I will have to rethink my loyalties. If American Idol is going to allow someone this disgusting to emerge from their show they will lose tons of fans. I love Adam and Now I hate him. I hope he dies and goes to hell. He is disgusting, perverted, evil and horrible for america. I can understand why people in Iraq and Iran and Afganistan don’t want to embrace our culture. They must think we are pigs, freaks and frank pure evil. Adam Lambert – I guess we will see you in Hell. Shame on you ABC. Shame on you American Idol for not prescreening out a TOTAL Freak from your show and making him famous (sad) and Shame on you American Music Awards for even considering any piece of that garbage. And to think I thought Brittney was evil (I Still do – her concerts are gross) Adam is Monster EVIL

  16. Lady GaGa and Adam Lambert pushed the confines of vulgar and poor taste beyond watchable limits. The violent nature of both performances was too much. I felt like I needed a bath after watching Lady GaGa, then Adam Lambert’s display made her look mundane. Adam’s S&M-crotch-grabbing-French-kissing-slave-slithering was hyped as something not to be missed. Give me a break for having SOME standards. This will go down as a low point in television programming. Obviously, no talent required to be tasteless. ABC owes the viewing public an apology. Adam has talent that should not require such tricks for attention. While he is more than ready to be in-your-face about his sexuality, he has gone over the top on this one.

  17. I don’t give two shits who Adam Lambert fucks in his spare time, I just don’t think that we all need to see it on pubic television and frankly that goes for every artist that performed. I actually think he has talent, but this was the trashiest performance. I just can’t believe that people call that an outstanding performance. That performance showed he has no tact and did not highlight a single bit of his actual talent. Talent is not running around on a stage looking like an ass. I think the show should have ended with Whitney Houston or Green Day. At least those artist show a little class. I don’t think it is anyone’s place to judge who fucks who in their spare time, I just don’t think that displaying it should be considered “talent.” That performance was simply trash. That was not someone “expressing” himself. That was someone making an ass of himself.

  18. Adam was AWESOME with this! the shock value is way up there and no matter who you are or which side of the Lambert Fence you are on (or if you don’t even know about the lambert fence (cough Zach cough), you are going to be talking about that performance…..and wasn’t that the point of the performance? To entertain and to shock? (Besides, the double standard here people? I think Adam is what we need to end this whole it’s alright for Girls to do this on stage, but Guys…no way)
    Besides, for those people complaining about the dancing and the actions done to the dancers (the faux blow-job to use the authors quote, and the bondage theme and the fondling…..) well, the dancers were pretty excited to be there in the first place (see rehearsal videos) and wanted to be on stage…. oh, and to the writer, if you don’t know who Adam Lambert is and you are writing about entertainment, then i think you need to take stock of the bast ten months or so or stop writing about entertainment. That is sad. he’s been the media’s new darling (or glammed up and shiny new glitter encrusted and black-nail-polished star) for at least seven months. really now.

  19. Adam took you all on a ride on the Lambert Express. ToooHoooT on you. He was absolutely fabulous and did exactly what he was supposed to.

    For those of you saying children shouldn’t see this…what did you do with the kids during the first 2 hours? Let them learn new curse words from Eminem?

    Adam really did not worse than Madonna, Gaga or a dozen others. You just don’t like that a guy did it.

    Well I do. My husband and I are both BIG Adam fans and will continue to be.

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  21. The finale at the AMA’s tonight was a major mistake on the part of everyone involved. Lambert went over the line in too many ways to count. Think I will just keep my money in pocket instead of heading out tomorrow for his cd.

  22. I think that his performance was absolutely over the top and filth! I knew it was going to get weird when he came out with men that look like they perform in gay porn, horrendous and disgusting. This country we live in has become sodom and gomorrah all over again and if you don’t know how that ended, pick up the Bible and find out! The religions of the world should be outraged at the blattant forcing that is going on with gays demanding rights and acting as if they are another race of people who should just be accepted and if they find a voice with this openly gay weirdo then they definitely need to be stopped. Where are the Christians?

  23. Adam Lambert’s performance was utterly offensive and cheap. Such a shame to end on such a classless note relative to other performances of the night.

  24. I am truly disgusted as well…by all the BIGOTED, HOMOPHOBIC comments on here as well as the utter lack of entertainment knowledge by the author of this piece. You people total disgust ME and after reading these comments and this article I am certain it won’t be Adam Lambert that burns in a certain warm place.

    I bet you all had no problem with Madonna and Britney deep kissing a year or two ago on the AMAs, but a gay man is just a pervert. Well guess what….America LOVES Adam Lambert. The author of this article is an idiot and makes me wish he’d go a LOT further “underground”

  25. Lady Gaga and this Adam moron have talent……incredible voices……but all their idiotic (Gaga) and offensive (Adam) antics totally overshadowed their true talent. Adam should be ashamed of himself -all he did was give ammunition to gay-bashers everywhere. I don’t need to watch anyone smash bottles over a piano either. Grow up Lady GagGag and Adumb!!!!

  26. Adam should have relied in his talent instead of going for shock value..Is talent no longer enough?
    This was a disgusting performance, better suited for a cable channel. It should not have aired on ABC.
    Some people still have values and morals, and there were children watching. Everyone hasn’t given up on values like some.
    So stop telling people, to “get over it”, and acting like people don’t have a right to their opinions. Why all the anger from some of the posters here regarding others’ opinions? Everyone doesn’t have to be like you, everyone doesn’t have to accept this, and like it. You have your opinion, so let others have theirs. Your anger will not change peoples’ minds. It makes you look immature, and silly.
    His performance was a trainwreck, aside from lewd behavior.
    ABC owes their viewers an apology, and so does Adam.

  27. Honestly, I now have more respect for adam. He opened himself up to the world. Why are people so homophobic.

  28. If he was a woman would we be talking about this?

  29. Couldn’t agree with you more. I felt totally taken advantage of during that performance. I don’t understand why ABC and other media outlets don’t understand that if that is what America wanted, that is what America would have voted for. People like Taylor Swift and Kris Allen win the popular vote, but ABC shoves freaks like Adam Lambert down our throats. The endorsement was completely depraved and without respect for the millions of viewers who wouldn’t watch that performance if they were paid to. I will boycotting adverstisers along with you.

  30. What was more offensive, Adam’s performance of the fact they had to bleep half of Eminem’s vocals? And as for crotch grabbing, I don’t see anyone complaining about Janet Jackson, or didn’t anyone watch the first 8 minutes of the show. Get over yourselves people. Those that are complaining should have watched something else last night!

  31. Adam has been accused of not being gay enough, well I guess he proved his critics wrong last night.
    I watched American Idol, I went to the American Idol concert, all because I love Adam. This however was way over the top–Adam, please come back down to earth.

  32. Let’s clear the air about Adam’s performance/behavior last night. Most people don’t give a flip if Adam is gay or straight. Quite honestly, that should have nothing to do with enjoying his music. The point is that his behavior in the act was ‘X RATED’, nasty, and most inappropriate for a Music Awards show. Why do they feel the need to ‘Shock’? Are these people morons? Do they think that all Americans are morons? I’m afraid they (ABC and performers) are sadly mistaken. Other entertainers who do sad, sick and tasteless performances are no better. I think the reason everyone is reacting so violently to Adam’s performance is because we’ve seen enough of this disgusting behavior. We’re just sick of it! I can promise you I will not be supporting any of the people who lower our standards in this country. I will never buy the music of those who push this culture of hate, perversion and simply immoral and low-class behavior.

    Even Carrie Underwood’s performance was disappointing due to the revealing and out-of-character outfit. Why would she stoop to those levels? I believe she is a good person and there’s no doubt about her amazing talent. I hope Carrie and other talented performers will learn to ‘just say no’ in the future!



  34. Look folks, you have control of your television and if you don’t like what you see TURN IT OFF! There was plenty of inappropriate behavior, lyrics, and dancing going on WAY before Adam exploded onto the stage.

  35. adam lambert is now becoming a rising star and i am happy with that”*`